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Posted by Marilia on March 03, 2018

Archie Panjabi returned to Blindspot as Nas Kamal to help the team in the last episode aired yesterday. Our gallery was updated with HD screencaptures, take a loo!k!


Posted by Marilia on February 16, 2018


Archie is returning for Blindspot next episode. It will air on March 2. Here’s the official press release:

“Warning Shot” – A surprising visit from Nas (Special Guest Star Archie Panjabi) leads the team to investigate a dangerous piece of technology that was stolen from the NSA. Roman (Luke Mitchell) and Blake (Guest Star Tori Anderson) grow closer as they attend a high-stakes poker game.

Also starring Sullivan Stapleton (Kurt Weller), Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe), Rob Brown (Edgar Reade), Audrey Esparza (Tasha Zapata) and Ashley Johnson (Patterson). Also Guest Starring Ennis Esmer (Rich DotCom), Kristina Reyes (Avery), Ajay Naidu (Sho Akhtar), Luke Kirby (Junior), Reshma Shetty (Meg) and Molly Bernard (Delilah)

Posted by Marilia on February 16, 2018

Hello. I’m sorry for taking so long to update the site. I’ve had issues with my computer recently. Our gallery was updated with high quality production stills of the last two episodes of ‘Next of Kin’ and HD screencaptures of episode 1.06, enjoy!

ARCHIE001.jpg ARCHIE003.jpg ARCHIE006.jpg ARCHIE008.jpg

Posted by Marilia on February 06, 2018

Last month (January 31), Archie attended the National Geographic’s ‘An Evening Of Exploration’ At The Natural History Museum. Our gallery was updated with high quality pictures, check out:

ARCHIE007.jpg ARCHIE012.jpg ARCHIE013.jpg ARCHIE016.jpg

Posted by Marilia on February 06, 2018

I’ve updated the gallery with screencaptures of last night’s episode of Next of Kin. The episode is avaliable on ITV Hub and Amazon. Enjoy!


Posted by Marilia on February 02, 2018

According to TV Insider, Archie is back for an episode of Blindspot season 3, March 2.

Last season on Blindspot, NSA agent Nas Kamal (Archie Panjabi) took the heat for the failings of her NSA-FBI task force in the Project Sandstorm investigation, so agent Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) definitely owe her one. Now she’s back to collect (March 2).

A dangerous piece of tech has been stolen from the NSA, and Nas needs their team to go undercover at a massive dark web hacker party to investigate.

“This is one of the most fun episodes of the season,” creator Martin Gero teases.

Panjabi is also thrilled. “Always a pleasure to be reunited with the Blindspot family,” she says. “I had a lot of fun!”

Here’s a first look: